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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Welcome to Reality.

This is not a photoshop lab. This is not the magical land where airbrushers follow you around and create a face for you. This is the real world. As women, we all know how the media wants us to think we should and can look like. They even give us products that are guaranteed to help us create that impossible face and look. Unfortunately, the beauty industry is basically a lie. It's a compilation of 6 foot tall anomalies and airbrushed photos that many women still buy into even with the evidence stacked against the faltering facade.

Hell, even I'm guilty of buying into it. I used to be obsessed with the ideal of beauty. In some ways, I still am. However, I have developed a critical mind of the beauty industry. This is largely due to a private battle with eating disorders and BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) over the past 8 years. While I'd like to say that I've been magically cured, I know from experience that I will always have that darkness hanging the background for the rest of my life.

Just because I've become critical of the beauty industry doesn't mean that I have sworn off of makeup. I've just become critical for every product I put on my face. Just because a product says they'll turn you into a bombshell beauty (or in many cases, simply hint at it with airbrushed photos and stunning models) obviously doesn't mean that they will. However, it also doesn't mean that they can't help you to create your own individual style and look.

This blog is a compilation of reviews and rants on the beauty industry marketing campaigns, products, and possibly even tutorials if I get a chance to. They are all made by me: an average, real woman who wears makeup and clothing for everyday life, not for runways and fashion campaigns.

I am a real 19 year old woman with flaws and experience with the devastation that ideals can cause. I am here to advise consumers and critique the beauty industry on its campaigns and image. I'd love comments and help, since this is my first dedicated blog ever, so advise away!


  1. Hi Alleyana, I hope you continue to do this. I also have experience with this - anorexia nearly killed me - and I appreciate you starting something like this.

    1. Thanks, I was lucky enough not to get that bad but mentally it has completely scarred me. I think the mental symptoms are far worse and more dangerous than the physical. I went to therapists (secretly, of course) and I got help. I hope you can heal too.