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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Plus-size or just REAL?

The gorgeous woman on the right is Robyn Lawley, international model. You can find more about Robyn on her facebook page. This beautiful woman is not just any type of cookie cutter model; she is a plus-size model. Now, hopefully I don't have to tell you what is wrong with this, but I have been surprised by less, so I am going to divulge anyway.

How on earth is Robyn Lawley a plus-size model when she herself does not wear plus-size clothing? At least in Canada, most plus-size clothing stores are for women sizes 14+. Robyn is smaller than me and I am a size 11. 

The influx of "plus-size" models in the fashion industry is a good thing, I'm not denying that. However, there is an inherent issue when the models that are being labelled "plus-size" are far more representative of an average sized woman than a woman who is truly overweight. What does presenting this image do to young women who look to the beauty industry for ideals and inspiration, when the woman whose body is most like theirs is labelled "plus-size". It is quite possible that they themselves will begin to think of themselves of overweight, when it is likely that they are not.

In my opinion, the prevalence of plus-size models increased in order to satiate the claims that the beauty industry represented an unhealthy and marginal standard of beauty. The women that they chose to represent the healthy and more "real" beauty of average women, while a commendable act, were then labelled as "plus-size". I don't know what's more unhealthy; telling women that they should be thin or telling healthy women that they are considered "plus-size" in the eyes of the fashion industry.

Nice try, beauty industry, but not enough.

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