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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dove: "Real" Beauty?

You've probably seen this video, and if not, you really should. It illustrates the power of technology and manipulation in the "beauty" industry.

This video was released by Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty that began in 2004. You've likely seen the commercials on T.V. where real women who are truly beautiful are featured in a mostly non-sexual way in what seems to be an effort to support self-esteem and true beauty. While advertising good intentions, this campaign is a perfect candidate to illustrate the importance of critical thinking when it comes to media and advertising.

It's true, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty does put forth a great message for women and men, young and old. However, if you stop to think about it, it's the opposite message that the same advertising company that designed the ads for Dove uses in its AXE commercials. Yes, the Campaign for Real Beauty is the same company that produced the following commercial with models running in slow motion:

To think critically about Dove's campaign, one must realize that the advertising company has not decided to advertise "real beauty" out of the goodness of their heart: they are looking for profits. Imagine doing the same  commercial for AXE with overweight and average women. It probably wouldn't entice a lot of men to use AXE in the same way that the actual commercial does. The company has a target audience in mind for each client, and has tailored their ads for each. While with the AXE ads it is rather obvious the inherent issues with them, one must also recognize that while Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty sends a great message, it shares it's root goal with all good advertisements: sales.

I don't mean to knock the Campaign for Real Beauty, I am simply trying to promote critical thinking when it comes to media and the like. I love the message that Dove sends, I really do think it's important, but it needs to be recognized that the message is not for pure reasons. It is an advertisement. It's there to sell you something. Just be careful what you're buying.

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