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Friday, 9 March 2012

Red Means Ready-to-Go According to Study

So, I recently read an article on the revelation of the colour red and the responses it produced by men when women were styled in it. You can read the full article here, but I have a couple of thoughts on this shocking revelation (as always).

First of all; interesting, but kind of obvious.

What man wouldn't sexually advance on that? Hmm?
This study says the reason for men's interest in women in red was because these women seemed "more receptive to sexual advances." I'm sorry, but what? I literally laughed out loud. This study just used technical words to say they think you'll be easy. Why? Because you're wearing a colour that has been sexualized by the media (think the elegant woman with the red lipstick on the white collar) and the beauty industry alike. Not to mention it's association with red-light districts (look it up). And while I'm not gonna lie that red's a show-stopping colour, you can't deny iconic images of the women with the red pouty lips and the long, matching red dress. This colour has been sexualized over and over again.

With this study, we obviously need to consider how the women were styled in red. Was it done in a seductive manner? I know the article says it was the changing of a shirt, but I've seen some pretty revealing shirts in my time, and also some not-so sexy ones. I'd be interested in seeing if the study produced different results with different styles of shirt, personally. I mean, if I came dressed up like Nicki Minaj (see right) to a bar I wonder what kind of attention I'd get?

Also, we see the colour red everyday. It psychologically grabs our attention. What colour means STOP? What colour means McDonald's? The point is, I don't know why we needed a study to figure this out. Just look up next time you stop.

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