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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Covergirl Lashblast

My personal tube of Lash Blast Luxe in Very Black. 
The first review I will be posting is a review of CoverGirl Lashblast. You've probably heard of them, considering the fact that they're commercials run non-stop on T.V. and youTube. In reality, you've likely tried them. I can honestly say that Lashblast mascaras are the easiest mascaras that I have ever used. Even with fairly unsteady hands, I rarely get clumps unless my mascara is getting old. The brush really is unique and effective, particularly for newcomers to mascara. I find a lot of my friends shy away from mascara because it is "so difficult to apply" or "always looks clumpy" and this brush really does make this simple. If you're one of those people who is afraid of the difficulties of applying mascara, Lashblast is definitely for you.

Obviously, the Lashblast line comes in endless varieties and colours and the choices are really dizzying. I've used all of them. Guess what? They all do the exact same thing. Sure, colour tints are sometimes different, but they aren't truly noticeable unless you're really scrutinizing. And since the the only person who is really going to be scrutinizing it is you, you really shouldn't care (even though I myself am guilty of doing exactly that).

The greatest thing in my opinion about Lashblast is definitely not the price. It's not expensive, in fact it's actually reasonably priced for its effectiveness, I just don't necessarily agree with the absurd prices that women often pay for makeup. That however is a different rant. It's around 9 bucks at Walmart in Canada (around 7 dollars US) and it works well for the price you pay for it.

Now, I don't approve of Covergirl's marketing campaign. It's a typical Beauty campaign. Pretty women who are supposed to represent "real" women in an "everyday" setting. I won't deny, they do have some decent spokeswomen (ie. Ellen Degeneres and Queen Latifa) and that does give them points in my book, because they have made an effort to represent not necessarily "real" women, but women who definitely are more realistic than your average model.

Overall though, great product, annoying over-marketing, cool spokeswomen. It's a big company, but it does make a mean and simple to use mascara.

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